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Earth Day 2018

10 fun things to do to Help the Earth and Save the Bees!

Join us in the global effort to create a better earth by ending pollution and beyond. Reducing, reusing, and recycling are easy and fun ways to help! 

1. Upcycle Bottles

Turn your Me & the Bees Lemonade bottle into ecclectic and pretty flower vases! Simply fill empty bottles with water, add beautiful flowers, and wrap bottles in twine...and when finished, don’t forget to recycle!

2. Don’t Suck

Ordering your drinks without straws or using stainless steel or paper straws is a big step towards reducing plastic waste. It also helps protect ocean animals like the sea turtle who might swallow the plastic. #DontSuck

3. Flower Power

Bees are losing their habitat all around the world. Planting flowers in your yard will help provide bees with forage. You might also assist bees and other pollinators by restoring meadows and wildflower habitats that have been lost. #LoveHoneyBees

4. Get Buzzy

Find the link here.

Earth Day activities are a very fun and educational way to help us learn, celebrate, and strengthen our vocabulary, all the while reminding us what makes our planet so special.

5. BYO-Bag

Make your own reusable bags or

buy a Me & the Bees bag on our website.

Disposable bags are everywhere and can do serious harm to animals and the environment. One bag can take from 15 to 1,000 years to break down!

6. Go for Seconds

There are so many fun ways to reuse items around your house. Check out our video on how to make your own refrigerator magnets out of your Me & the Bees Lemonade lids. 

7. Save the Bees

Bees pollinate crops, help flowers grow, and make delicious honey, too! Unfortunately, they’re dying and need our help. That’s why we started the Healthy Hive Foundation. Through research, education and preservation,we’re helping increase awareness, as well as the number of safe environments for bees to survive and thrive.

8. Write a Poem

To see Mikaila recite her poem, go here

Do you know what’s more fun than writing a poem? Writing a poem about bees, spring, and flowers! Get inspired by sipping lemonade under a tree...start writing and send it to us. We’ll post our favorites online.

9. Go Chemical-free!

Check out some recipes here

Clean your house with fun-to-make, non-toxic cleaning products. They’re free of pesticides which harm our bees and taint our crops. Staple ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemons and essential oils help treat stains, clean windows, table toys and floors, while making your home smell fresh!

10. Upcycle T-shirts

Watch a video here.

Don’t throw away that old tee. Have fun creating while turning something old into something new!



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