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Plantable Pencils (3 for $10)

$ 10.00

Perfect sustainable, eco-friendly gift. Start your garden, plant the seeds, feed the bees!

Each year, 15 billion pencil stubs end up in landfills. This pencil is a biodegradable seed bank that not only reduces waste, but provides vital nectar for hungry bees. Join us on our mission to save the bees. Become a bee-liever today!

Once you've finished writing with your pencil, it is time to start planting for the bees! Plant it to create your own bee-friendly garden.

Choose three! We have four plant varieties.  

Help the sunflower and the bees coexist! 
Your sunflower could be a good addition to a diverse wildflower population for bees.

Cilantro not only adds flavor to your meal, it also produces small blossoms that attract small bees.
To benefit bees more, use the leaves earlier (for your own purposes) but then allow the cilantro to flower to support pollinators!

To help our bees thrive, try the daisy flowers and it will be sure to cheer the bees up too!
Daisy-type flowers that consist of tiny petals collected together to create a central disc are the best plants for bees.

Thyme not only has a fantastic fragrance, but it is also a protector of bees!
Thyme is widely used in honey bee's colony to protect bees from attack of Varroa Mite, a deadly animal to bees.

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