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Happy National Family Day

national family day ulmer portrait

March 5th is a special day to celebrate as it’s National Family! I’m here visiting my grandparents in North Carolina this week and am reminded of all the reasons I’m so grateful to have a close-knit family. I love having a family-run business because it allows me to work with the people I love most, doing what I love: social entrepreneurship.

I am so inspired by my parents, grandparents, and siblings who teach me the value of hard work and collaboration. Me & the Bees values family, and enjoying sweet things with the people who matter most. When asked about the company, the answers are easy!

All of this started with an old recipe from Great Granny Helen. What does it mean to have a family recipe involved in this business? Does that influence how the company operates?

It’s the bedrock of our business. We’ve been a family run operation from the start, with my mom as Chief Marketing Bee, my dad as Chief Worker Bee (COO), my little brother as Head of Photograbee, and my older brother as Head Tech Bee. We have been able to operate with a lean staff thanks to our family coming together to put our individual talents to good use, but we’ve also added more talent to our hive as we’ve scaled and those team members also really embrace the social entrepreneur mindset.


Based on the website and photos the company has shared, it seems like it’s an all-hands-on-deck operation! How does having the whole Ulmer family involved impact the business?

As a social entrepreneur, I believe it’s important to embrace a growth mindset and that comes from our family values. Having us all involved allows us to keep growing, keep evolving and keep learning. And when I’m stuck on an idea or need help, I know there’s always help back at the hive.

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