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Absolutely Great!!!

Great product! Will definitely buy again!!

I would have liked more lemonade with ginger and another with mint.


Lifelong lover of lemonade and this hit the spot!


I’m very happy with the way my purchase was handled!

I love it and will order more


Such an incredible team to work with. Our event was a great success

Love it!

My grandson says that this is the best lemonade!

Perfect summer treat!

At our event, all the students who were able to get one loved the not tooo sweet flavor and natural taste.

Bee's knees

Enjoy the smooth taste. It is easy to finish a bottle within two minutes ...
Best wishes.


Tasty Because Tart and Sweet ...


So refreshing - the perfect mix of sour and sweet. Light - will definitely be ordering more.

Love classic hope assorted with ginger comes back in stock

10-Bottle Classic Pack

I’d like

I’d like to be able to order a variety of flavors….of my own choice.

I Normally get me and the Bees at target or whole foods but I tried the free shipping an it surprisingly faster than I thought tysm for Me & the bees it was great

Amazing I loved it tysm for the lemonade!!!

The lemondaid tasted amazing and loved the story!

Hello I just wanted to say your lemenado is very good and it is just perfect Thank you!

Love the Black Cherry Lemonade!

I'm working my way through them. However, Black Cherry Lemonade is fantastic and needs to be sold on its own. Please, please consider this!

My Favorite Beverage of them ALL

I bought the classic lemonade while standing near the checkout. Drank it when I got home and could not have been more pleasantly surprised how good it tasted, so....I immediately went online and bought the variety pack. So far, every single flavor combo has been very good. I am so pleased!!!

Mixed packages

We really enjoy the good fresh taste of the lemonade some favorites are the classic, black cherry and mint. Would you try cherry or grape? Thank you!

Absolutely delicious

This was a very refreshing experience. The black cherry wasn't bitter and a great combination with the lemonade. I loved it. 😍

Great tasting pure lemonade

Makes you say awww! Pure lemonade with simple and natural ingredients are always the best.

Variety pack

Delicious !!! Smooth ordering and delivery process! Great product!!

Bzzzzz - Me & the Bees Lemonade

I am loving Me & the Bees Lemonade.

Lemonade Goodness

I love them all so far, and the honey gives the lemonade a different twist. My favorite of the ones that I have tasted is the classic lemonade.



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