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Lemonade Gift Bundle

Fantastic! My favorite balm.

Love the different flavors and quality ingredients.

Try the variety pack first

We ordered this variety pack so we could get an idea of how we would like the different flavors. Honestly our favorite is the prickly pear so moving forward that will probably be the only one that we buy out of the five flavors. The other ones just weren't sweet enough for us.

my son loves it

Delicious lemonades!

100% would buy again!

We love this company

The lip balm was wonderful! The ice tea flavored lemonade was our favorite. The others were a tad sweet for us also I think our batch may have been a bit old. BUT we are so impressed by this inspiring little girl and everything she has done for kids, girls, people of color and all people! Just wonderful. We are so happy to support all of her efforts. Congrats on all the hard earned success and we wish you even more!!


Love your lemonades especially the ginger flavor.

Yummy Lemonade

Taste is good. Saving bees is even better. My only wish is that each bottle had less added sugars.....


Can you make 10 ice teas, 10 prickly pear and 10 mint lemonade like y’all have the original ones?

Love it

Please don’t never run out of the variety again. Also please make the 10 ice tea and prickly pear like y’all have the 10 original lemonades! Thank you!

Great tasting drink

Love the product and what it stands for. But not only that it also taste great!

Multipack lemonade

Very good. I haven’t drank it in awhile but it’s still good 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Always great

This is my second order love these


Love the variety pack of Refreshing flavors!

You have to try this!!

Awesome products and customer service. Truly worth it. I have already raced to many friends and co workers about the chap stick and the drinks. Love the original and prickly pear.


I have been following this young lady's product ever since I seen her on Shark Tank.
I LOVE this lemonade 😘👍❗❗❗❗

Great Cause!

Great tasting, good fast shipping!

You gonna love it

This is my 1st time trying this lemonade and I simply love it. With COVID outside my door I didn’t want to go to the store so I went online to have it directly sent to me. I was so excited that I had to get all of the flavors and let me tell you it’s worth every dime. The site was simple and easy to use. The lemonade got here fast. They were not playing with me before I knew it I looked up and a box was at my front door. It was packed really well and nothing was damaged or broken. I am gonna tell everyone to try this lemonade. I gave some to my mother in law cause I couldn’t keep this delicious goodness to myself. Thank you for making such a wonderful product for the world in a time like this. It’s just what I needed in my life.


Love the product. Can’t wait for tea combo to be back. Keep up the wonderful service you’re doing!


Love your products. Tried the lemonade and the lip balms. Both are excellent. Really appreciate your mission and being a teenage entrepreneur! Thank you for what you are doing!

Great lemonade

The classic lemonade is delicious without any aftertaste. I was thrilled that Me and the Bees is offering a case of just the classic lemonade. The lip balms are great too!

Awesome Tasting Low Sugar

Loved the taste of my lemonade. It was so good I was disappointed when I was down to the last bottle. I can’t wait to find it in my local store so I don’t have to wait for it to be mailed. I can’t wait that long. LOL

Sweet Bright Sunshine in a Bottle

We purchased this lemonade for a photo shoot, but everyone tried some after the shoot was over and we are all fans now! It’s the perfect combo of sweet and tart, and how can you not love the sweet picture on the bottle. We would purchase this lemonade again! Definitely!


if only Mr beast was here to help he is a good guy



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