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Vegetable & Flower Power

Mikaila Gardening - Vegetable - Flower - Power

Planting flowers in your yard will help provide bees with forage, but don’t forget about vegetables.  With the current concerns about Covid-19, school and work closures, and mandated social distancing, why not save yourself a trip to the grocery store by growing some of your own produce?  Planting a home garden provides many benefits to both you and the planet – and what a great way to create a sustainability lesson. Spring is a great time to get started! Good soil, sunshine, water, and a little bit of care is all you need to grow delicious food for the whole family while also providing for bees and other pollinators. Tomatoes, eggplants, melons, and herbs are just some of the plants you can get started now.  Here are some other suggestions.  And here are some tips for the novice gardeners. We encourage you to get outside, start planting and enjoying the benefits of growing your own nutritious food!  While you are at it, why not brighten things up with a few extra flowers? The bees, the planet, and your family will all thank you for it.  Bee healthy!

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