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Thrive Global Interview: Who Do You Want To Be? “Bee Fearless!”

Thrive Global logo - Interview Mikaila Ulmer


Thrive Global Interview: Who Do You Want To Be? “Bee Fearless!” 
What 15 year-old CEO, Philanthropist and Author Mikaila Ulmer Wants Young Entrepreneurs To Know


Mikaila talks about her new book, 'Bee Fearless: Dream Like a Kid' [VIDEO]

Fox 5 DC - Interview Mikaila Ulmer


Fox 5 DC Interview with Mikaila 
Teen entrepreneur Mikaila Ulmer talks about her new book, 'Bee Fearless: Dream Like a Kid'


It's Lemonade Day - inspiring youth entrepreneurs [VIDEO]

WUSA9 - Interview Mikaila Ulmer


It's Lemonade Day - Chat with Mikaila 
Lemonade Day Board Member, Joe Daly and Founder of Me & the Bees Lemonade, Mikaila Ulmer share how young people can excel as entrepreneurs.


Marketplace Interview: Mikaila on learning to “Bee Fearless”

Marketplace logo - Interview Mikaila Ulmer


Marketplace Featured Interview
Listen to youth entrepreneur Mikaila Ulmer


Feature: Girls United by Essence Interview

Girls United by Essence logo - Interview Mikaila Ulmer


Girls United Interview: Chronicling her Experience 
This Black Teen Sold A Million Bottles Of Her Own Lemonade


Beverage Industry Feature: Me & the Bees CEO Releases Book

Beverage Industry logo - Interview Mikaila Ulmer


Beverage Industry Magazine Feature: 
Me & the Bees CEO Releases Book on company, saving honey bees



Black Enterprise logo


Black Enterprise Feature: 
Black-Owned Beverage Brands to Support


Austin Monthly - A Million Bottles Sold was Just the Beginning

Austin Monthly Interview with Mikaila Ulmer


Austin Monthly: 
How a Lemonade Stand Became a City-Wide Sensation


A Chat with Mikaila - by Austin Woman Magazine

ATXWoman - Mikaila Ulmer interview


Austin Woman Magazine: 
A chat with Mikaila about her entrepreneurial journey, her new book and social responsibility.


City Lifestyle - Austin: The Gifted Spirit of a Young Entrepreneur

City Lifestyle logo - Interview Mikaila Ulmer


City Lifestyle - Austin: 
Me & the Bees is a Social Goodness Brand Galvanizing an Influential Generation of Bee-lievers




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