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Join Mikaila and Healthy Hive Foundation in Making a Difference.

Can you imagine a world without honeybees? Imagine a world without yummy strawberries, tasty broccoli and delicious nuts and seeds. Not only do bees pollinate crops, but they also help pretty flowers grow. And yes, they make delicious honey.

Our fuzzy friends are the littlest and biggest links in our food chain. And they need our help to stay busy, healthy and productive. That is why I'm excited to launch our non-profit Healthy Hive Foundation. 

Through research, education and preservation, the Healthy Hive Foundation is dedicated to increasing honeybee awareness and the number of safe environments for bees to survive and thrive. Join me on my mission.... Become a Bee-liever.



It's my birthday and I've always thought it's better to give than to receive!!

So, as a token of my appreciation,  I am celebrating by giving back to you.  Join in on the fun. #MikailaTurns13

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