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It's National Happiness Happens Day: Don't Delay

Need some tips on different ways to add a bit of happiness into your day? See below for some of my favorite ways to put a smile on my face: 

  1. Soaking up some sun for a dose of Vitamin D ☀️

Get outside and smell the flowers. Outdoor activities like planting a garden are a great way to improve your mood, and save the honey bees!

  1. Bee creative 🎨

You don't have to be an artist to be creative. It's all about the childlike and carefree feeling you get from being creative. Whether it's painting, knitting, DIYing or restoration, dive in and have some fun.

  1. Give back to your community and those you care about ❤️

Research has shown volunteering provides several benefits including better mental health. By donating time and resources towards those who are in need, you're able to have a sense of valuable accomplishment. 

This is something I can attest to as someone who works hard to save a species that is threatened. If this sounds like a cause you'd be interested in, check out the Healthy Hive Foundation and learn how you can give back and save the bees.

  1. Treat yourself often 🍋

Treating yourself to your favorite treat is a sure way for a burst of happiness. For me, it's the Me & the Bees' Black Cherry lemonade. That first sip always brings a smile to my face! Follow this link and find your next treat! 

  1. Take time for yourself 🛁

Sometimes finding bliss is as easy as just relaxing by yourself or hanging with friends. Recharging and self-care are two important things to add into your daily routine. By allocating fun time time for yourself,  you can escape for a momen and let the things that may be causing you stress float away.  

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It's my birthday and I've always thought it's better to give than to receive!!

So, as a token of my appreciation,  I am celebrating by giving back to you.  Join in on the fun. #MikailaTurns13

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