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Stumped on Holiday Gift Giving? How About Gifts that Cost Nothing!

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Giving gifts that cost nothing could mean everything to loved-ones. With costs going up, the stress of shopping, and environmental concerns, why not take a new approach and give meaningful gifts that cost little to no money? Here’s a start:

An edited video. If you’re like me (and most Gen-Zers), you take a lot of photos. A lovely Christmas gift could be compiling the photos and videos of you and the gift recipient into a video and adding their favorite music. Both iPhones and Androids have built-in applications that do this automatically once you put the photos in an album. I know my friends or family members would appreciate me taking time to highlight my favorite memories with them in a nice video.

Gift a favor. Acts of service are almost always really appreciated. You could offer to be a sitter for the recipient's kids or pets, or you could mow the lawn or even get the garden cleaned out and ready to plant for the pollinators this spring. There are favor voucher sets online or you can design your own.

DIY. Making something crafty is always fun. DIY crafts often upcycle materials and and provide something to do on winter break. One idea is to reuse our lemonade bottles to make flower arrangements. Check out this idea and other DIY projects here.

Cook up something yummy. How about baking an irresistible holiday dessert like our Me & the Bees Lemon Bundt Cake found on our recipes page. You can garnish it with fresh cranberries and sprigs of rosemary and some powdered sugar dusted on top for a Christmas look.

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