Love Is In the Air


Love is in the air in February and many sweet gifts are made from the pollination of honeybees including ingredients in our me & the bees lemonade bottles. From strawberries to cherries to sunflowers you can thank the honeybee.  Sadly, the bee population is dwindling more and more each year. Last year was the highest winter loss of bees since 2006. The world as we know it would not exist if the honeybees didn’t pollinate all that they do. It’s important to do your part to save the bees! I donate 10% of the profit from the sale of my lemonade to organizations fighting to save the bee population. Pick up a bottle of the pink prickly pear lemonade to celebrate love day and read more to see how you can help save the bees here

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It's my birthday and I've always thought it's better to give than to receive!!

So, as a token of my appreciation,  I am celebrating by giving back to you.  Join in on the fun. #MikailaTurns13

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