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Teaching Youth Financial Literacy is a Great Way to Celebrate Juneteenth

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A Message From Our CEO

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There are so many great ways to celebrate Juneteenth; from visiting Black museums to supporting Black owned businesses. I have done these activities in the past, and will continue to do them in the future. However, I’d like to encourage another way to celebrate Juneteenth. Teaching financial literacy through entrepreneurship is good for our youth and better for our entire community.  Studies show that students without a financial education are more likely to have low credit scores and other financial problems.  This impacts our ability to be free and independent and slows our opportunity to own homes and build wealth. Ouch!   

I’ve had a passion for entrepreneurship since the early age of four years old.   Little did I know when I set out to save our pollinators with my lemonade stand, that I would be learning about direct deposits, debt, and interest and later about company valuations, income sheets and balance sheets. While I was busy making gallons of lemonade as a young entrepreneur, my parents were helping me lay the foundation to learning personal finance and building strong money habits.  There is still so much for me to learn!  I have found a passion in sharing what I do know in schools across our country and in South Africa and Singapore.  I’ve even advocated on Capitol Hill, to help ensure other youth are taught personal finance skills as well. 

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My generation is the future and the change makers of tomorrow. It's critical we know how to "Give, Save, Spend" a principle my Dad taught me very early on.  Let’s start this Juneteenth, with a heightened focus on financial literacy and social entrepreneurship. Our youth will benefit and so will our community. Here are some ideas on how to get started.

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Advocate - Did you know that only ½ the states in the U.S. require personal finance courses in high school? Consider contacting your legislator or state senators to encourage them to make a change today.  Why? Studies show that when kids learn financial literacy early they make better financial decisions as adults.

Start Young - Learning about entrepreneurship is fun and it’s never too early to learn.  Download my free buzziness guide here and learn new business terminology and basics on starting a business.  If you want to learn more about how I got started, read my book: BeeFearless Dream Like a kid, available where books are sold. It is also available on audio read by me!

Level up - Explore different ways to increase your knowledge about financial literacy so that you can share with others. There are so many free resources offered by banks, churches, community organizations, as well as online: podcasts, audio books and various apps. Interested in learning more about writing a business plan? Visit my online video; a free resource, found here on Amazon Business Small Business Summit

Leave a comment below with your favorite resource to learn financial literacy or entrepreneurship.


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