The Springtime Buzz on Bees

Did you know that there are over 20,000 species of bees? When it comes to honeybees. springtime is the most important time the of yearLet me fill you in on the buzz. After braving the winter cold and living off stored honey, bees are in need of a new springtime food supply and a push to increase their population. Spring brings the queen’s mating and egg production season to lay more drone and worker bee eggsThere are also more jobs being allocated to workers, including nursing, guarding the hive, building more wax, and regulating hive temperature.  There are even workers whose jobs are to liquefy thick honey from the winter. Pretty cool, right? Once spring turns to summer, the bees have an abundance of food for the growing colony. As spring blooms, so does the exciting cycle of life for the honeybee hive 


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