Why We Love Lavender

Bees Lavender

Most people love lavender for its soothing smell and pretty color, but did you know the plant has many medicinal and therapeutic benefits? Research shows lavender essential oil can be helpful in treating anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, skin irritation and blood pressure. The flowering plant dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, as a soothing bath additive and even helps in the mummification process! Overall, the plant has many health benefits and is an important part of nature’s blooming process as well for our beloved bees.

There are three different species of the beautiful lavender plant: French lavender, English lavender and a hybrid lavender. All species grow in the summer season between May and July. The plant is native to the Mediterranean so it does best with hot, dry summers and moist, cool winters. The plant can grow indoor and outdoor, but be wary lavender needs space to grow. It loves sun and benefits from good drainage.

Once the plant blossoms, you can start smelling the benefits almost immediately. Lavender fragrance is believed to promote wellness while easing anxiety. A study from the British Association of Critical Nurses found lavender was an effective remedy in improving sleep with patients in the hospital. The antioxidants within lavender have also helped to heal wounds and treat skin issues! Lavender truly packs a powerful punch!

Our favorite thing about lavender is it’s a bee magnet. The fragrance of the plant attracts the bees and has both pollen and nectar for the bees to feed on. Most importantly, the summer bloom gives bees a midsummer snack when the insects are most hungry, but don’t have many options. In a study from the British Ecological Society, it actually showed lavender plants were among the top most attractive flowering species for bees. Planting lavender in your garden or in a small pot on your porch is a great way to create a beautiful bee home.

Me & the Bees is excited to share our “Love to Lavender” lemonade recipe, here. With a warm summer just around the corner, the sweet treat is sure to delight!


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