Praise for Bee Fearless!

Daymond John, Shark Tank

"From running a multimillion-dollar business to making time for her schoolwork, Mikaila will awaken the go-getter in you. Bee Fearless inspires us all to dream like kids and pair our passions with our purpose."

Kirkus, starred review

"In sharing her story, this talented Black girl breaks down not only each opportunity and decision she and those who supported her had to make along the way, but also the lessons about business that she learned in the process, making this a manual as well as a memoir. Her growth is inspiring, her story is fascinating, and her wisdom is priceless for young entrepreneurs. Gift this to every aspiring and beginning entrepreneur; they will thank you."

John Mackey, Co-Founder & CEO, Whole Foods Market

“CEO Mikaila Ulmer is sure to inspire other entrepreneurs of all ages with her story about starting her business and how she infused purpose into it from the very beginning. The step by step business primer is really interesting. I especially enjoyed her personal stories about how Me & The Bees Lemonade has grown to national distribution, while never compromising its use of quality ingredients or their steadfast mission to save the bees. It’s refreshing to learn from such a young, accomplished social entrepreneur about her approach to running a conscious company.”

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and founder of LeanIn.Org

Bee Fearless is equal parts memoir and business playbook—and exactly what tweens and their parents need right now. After a bee sting, a family lemonade recipe, and plenty of ingenuity, fifteen-year-old Mikaila Ulmer has sold more than a million bottles of her Me & the Bees lemonade. She is wise beyond her years and reminds us all that making a beeline to follow your business dreams is never a bad idea.”

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

“Mikaila is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs I’ve had the privilege to meet. Her ingenuity paired with her mission to save the honey bees is an example of how businesses can lead with purpose. By sharing her story and inspiring readers of all ages to pursue their dreams with passion, the world will be a better place.”

School Library Journal

A memoir and how-to guide with heart. Readers of any age will appreciate Ulmer's ingenuity and harness the strength they need to create and innovate.”

Girls United by Essence

“This Black Teen Sold A Million Bottles Of Her Own Lemonade—And Now She’s Chronicling The Experience.”

Booklist Review

When author Ulmer was four years old, she got stung by a bee—twice. When she found out that bees only sting when they're afraid, she started raising money via a lemonade stand to raise awareness about their imperiled status, and wound up creating Me & the Bees Lemonade, a product currently sold in over 700 stores across the U.S. Now 15, Ulmer looks back on the past decade, sharing struggles (squeezing lemons is really tough), milestones (starting out with Whole Foods, appearing on the TV show Shark Tank), and successes (various White House meetings, a trip to South Africa, and a company currently worth millions). Her developing business acumen paralleled her continuing fascination with bees, and she established a non-profit organization, the Healthy Hive Foundation, in 2016 (10% of her profits are channeled back into bee preservation efforts). Throughout her account, Ulmer maintains a conversational style, displays appealing humbleness, and touts the importance of family support. She also offers solid entrepreneurial advice, honed through her experiences as a C.E.O, motivational speaker, and environmental activist. Ulmer has racked up many well-deserved awards and recognition during the past decade. Aspiring business tycoons and environmentalists will be inspired by her story.



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